1000 years in the future, a schizophrenic has been kidnapped by a group of rebel soldiers. And it seems they've bitten off more than they can chew...

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Author's Comments:

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November 19th, 2019, 7:01 am

Reader's Comments:

Posted by 13Swords (Guest)
January 14th, 2012, 5:01 pm

I understand why some would say vengeance is pointless in this case, seeing as how the murders were mercenary, and if he didn't do it, others would. I also don't think that's right- Sartre could have warned the band (if he believes in becoming a better person), eliminated the contractor or otherwise hindered them, and more. And I've noticed that he hasn't offered the name of the client to Ashido. The guy's logic parameters are way off, and he lacks empathy. Claiming a higher understanding of existence while missing the point of existence is self-contradictive.

Posted by inhuman-comic
January 14th, 2012, 5:05 pm

@13Swords: i've said it before, this is p. the worst scene i've written out and i'd redo it again if i had the chance.

sartre didn't believe in becoming a better person until after they were dead. his "empathy" is formed by hindsight. his species are also highly cold-logic based and so the concept of caring what happened to some people from an already doomed species didn't occur to him until after the fact.

the point was supposed to be to illustrate that different aliens handle certain scenarios differently than humans, but i bungled it. it happens. this entire sequence is about six years old, so...

Posted by 13Swords (Guest)
January 16th, 2012, 1:20 pm

@inhuman-comic: Ah well. I'm just glad it isn't just me. Personally, I'd've asked who the employer was, but that's part of the improvings- leaving vengeance out.

Posted by inhuman-comic
January 16th, 2012, 1:21 pm

@13Swords: oh don't worry, everyone starts wondering that out loud very soon.

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